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  • Honorable J.N. Morgen (ret.), Chair, PORTSource Great Lake Ontario
  • Dr. Jay Anthony, Chair, PORTSource Global Perspective
  • James A. Termotto Sr., Foundation Secretary and Senior Advisor
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James A. Termotto Sr.

Jim's advisory work includes identifying the root and nature of specific social and civic problems, assessing the factors which promulgate those problems, proposing solutions that meet relative cultural differences, and creating ethical and lawful action plans for municipal bureaus, police services, and other institutions. His work on these programs resulted in the lecture series “Establishing a Culture of Harmony in the Presence of Dissonance“ which presents and promotes an Ethics of Right-Relations for community diversity and peacemaking.

He presents these lectures at professional conferences and universities in the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe. He is a conflict resolution facilitator, and a Restorative Justice facilitator with The Restorative Justice Society. Jim is also a Certified Restorative Justice Peacemaker with the Rochester New York Police Department Family Services Division, assigned to the Juvenile Accountability Conferencing program - a Restorative Justice juvenile delinquency intervention program used within the City of Rochester public school system.


As a member of the RJ Corps at Restorative Justice Society, he is a regional advocate for the implementation of restorative justice programs in the community. Jim also lectures on RJ to local college criminal justice and peace classes, faith communities, and community groups. Jim is also an organizing committee member for the bi-annual National Conference on Restorative Justice.

Jim is an instructor for social ethics and restorative justice courses at a continuing education school. He is the moderator for "Conversations About…", a community discussion forum. Jim holds Master degrees in ethics and critical thought from Queen's University, Kingston Ontario Canada, and Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rochester New York USA.